Milestone Consulting: Comprehensive Settlement Planning & Management

Milestone Consulting: Comprehensive Settlement Planning & Management 2017-12-08T08:47:47-05:00

The experienced financial planners at Milestone Consulting help families prepare for the future before receiving a legal settlement or jury award. The pitfalls of settlement are numerous. Many families quickly deplete their settlement by focusing solely on immediate needs, failing to plan for lifetime care. Numerous state and federal regulations may limit your financial options, or threaten the long-term viability of investments.

Ensuring Your Child’s Long-Term Financial Security

As your family nears the resolution of your child’s lawsuit, we’re sure you have many questions. After all, few of us understand the potential risks of securing large amounts of money. Milestone’s licensed settlement planners have carefully walked numerous families through this complex, and often daunting, process, balancing client objectives with government compliance.

Some risks surface immediately in settlement, while others loom large on the road ahead. Your child’s urgent needs are a top priority, but once they’ve been met, how can the settlement best be used to secure a fulfilling future? The right time to begin considering your financial options is before your lawsuit has settled, when the risks and benefits of alternative strategies can be analyzed thoroughly.

A Comprehensive Approach To Settlement Planning

No matter your unique situation, settlement will present a variety of complex financial options. Many families struggle to understand their choices, let alone decide between them. How can you protect your child’s future, while ensuring that he or she is well-supported in the present? Should your family opt for a structured settlement, or accept a lump sum? Is establishing a Special Needs Trust the right choice for your child? How do outstanding debts fit into this puzzle?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to these questions. That’s why Milestone Consulting takes a comprehensive, client-centered approach to settlement planning and management, setting families up for success both now and in the long-term. But before considering any financial options, Milestone’s settlement planners take the time to learn about your child and family. Understanding your goals, needs and current lifestyle is paramount.

What Sets Milestone Consulting Apart?

We’ve been particularly impressed with Milestone Consulting’s dedication to client education. Financial management should be a partnership, in which families and their advisers work together toward a common goal. Milestone is committed to providing every client with the understanding and knowledge required to make well-informed decisions. In the end, your family will have created a comprehensive settlement plan, one that maintains a strategic balance between trusts, insurance and investments.

After your family has finalized a settlement plan, Milestone Consulting’s financial professionals will step in to implement your strategy. Milestone handles the documentation that will complete your child’s settlement, while ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations at each step. That way, you can focus on caring for your child. Milestone’s services, however, don’t end with the finalization of your child’s settlement. Want to explore new financial opportunities in the future? Looking for an update on the performance of a particular investment? Milestone provides clients with representation throughout the life of their settlement plans.

The Team At Milestone Consulting

Milestone Consulting was founded by John Bair, a recognized leader in the settlement planning industry. Since entering the field in 1999, John has helped to guide thousands of families through the settlement process. allowing his clients to negotiate the difficult transition from litigation with confidence.

After the tragic attacks on 9/11, John was humbled to offer his services pro bono to the families of the victims, work for which he received the Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys’ Humanitarian Award in 2003. An undying passion for public advocacy led John to help formulate and draft state and federal regulations to protect the rights of legal plaintiffs. A member of the Society of Settlement Planners, John is licensed in all 50 states.

Milestone’s team includes some of the brightest minds in settlement planning, drawn both from the legal and financial fields. Along with Milestone’s team of licensed financial professionals, your family can begin considering the best strategies for your child’s life-long security.