Birth Injuries

What Is Birth Trauma?

Traditionally, birth trauma is a medical term used to describe any sort of injury or damage sustained by infants during childbirth, from minor cuts and scrapes to severe head injuries. In more recent years, however, the phrase has come to define a second set of medical conditions, no less significant, which can affect new mothers. [...]

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Brain Bleeds In Infants: A Guide For Parents

Intracranial hemorrhage, or bleeding in the brain, is a rare complication of traumatic birth, but one that can have life-long consequences. Thankfully, most infants who experience brain bleeding early in life will recover from their injuries, despite the trauma sustained during labor and delivery. But not all prognoses are so favorable. Among other risks, brain bleeds in infants [...]

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Signs Of Brain Damage In Babies

As many as 3 of every 1,000 babies carried to term will be affected by brain injuries, according to New York Times health reporter Jane Brody. But the immediate effects of brain damage can be difficult to identify, and will vary depending on how - and how much - a child's brain has been harmed. [...]

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