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Caring For Special Needs Kids

A community made for the education and support of parents, caretakers, and loved ones.

We want to help you and your family. Call us for support.

Whether your child suffers from a catastrophic birth injury, or struggles with ADHD or autism, our community of parents, professionals, and organizations is here to help.

We’ve watched hundreds of families struggle to ensure their children live the lives they deserve, lives of hope and fulfillment, while being crushed by extraordinary medical expenses and emotional trauma. Support, however, isn’t out of reach.

We are hopeful that our community will provide you with the information you need at this stage in your family’s life.

That’s where CaringForSpecialNeedsKids.com comes in.

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Michael Monheit, Esq.
Michael Monheit, Esq.

Legal Support

CaringForSpecialNeedsKids.com has developed a network of relationships with attorneys from all specialties including:

If you have questions for these attorneys, we encourage you to call us. We will connect you with the appropriate attorney to address your questions. This website also provides information regarding these topics.

Through our active advocacy for special needs kids, we can utilize the professionals at our disposal to provide resources that will help all parents in our community.

Financial Support

CaringForSpecialNeedsKids.com has been fortunate to secure the support of financial experts to answers questions you may have about creating a special trusts, or simply knowing which grants are available for your child. There often is overlap between Legal and Financial, and as a result many of our professionals work together to answer questions from the community.

John Bair - Milestone Consulting

For Mothers, Fathers & Children:
We’re Here To Help

We encourage you to join our Facebook page where many parents get answers almost in real-time from other parents who have been through the same thing, or who simply know the answer. Our attorneys, financial planners, and other professionals are also active on our Facebook page, so can answer your questions there too.